5 Easy & Simple Hobby or Business You Can Do With Your Little One

Hobby or Business you can do together with your little one

Crafting with your little one is such a rewarding experience. Even if you can turn your crafting hobby into a business. Or vice. Business to just a simple hobby, the bond between mom & baby is forever!!! Kids will grow up and will always remember those special moments they shared with their mommy sitting at the table making stuff.

When our CEO/Founder of Groovy Essentials, LLC (my 11 year old daughter) Jahzara came to me in July/2018 and expressed that she wanted to start her own product based business I told her to spend some alone time in her room and make a list of things that should would potentially like to try. Then I told her we'll go over her list later on that evening, after dinner.

Well little Miss Jahzara came back to me in 7 minutes with a list of 37 things. OMG. LOL.

We reviewed the list and out of all 37 things, we narrowed it down to just 3. So then out of those 3 things I started taking out small DIY at home kits for her to practice with. We made/practice with lip balms, lotion bars, and soaps. She really enjoyed all three, but she decided she wanted to focus on just making soaps.

...and while practicing with her I really enjoyed making the lotions LOL.

Today, we have Groovy Essentials (formerly known as Soapy Sets).

Here are 5 easy and simple things you can actually start today with your little one.

1) Make Candles together (start off with a small candle making kit. You can find them at your local Michaels.com crafting store. Or you can also try your local Hobby Lobby store).

2) Make Cookies or any type of baking together (girls are so used to selling Girl Scout cookies during the Girl Scouts season. But why not make this a regular traditional thing you both can do together?) Easy!! Go to the store and start purchasing some fun and cute baking stuff. You'll be surprised on the different types of cute, fun, and creative cake baking molds you can use that will just "WOW" peoples face.

3) Make Nail Polish together (this one is my favorite. I have never personally made my own nail polishes, yet. But I've seen the kits for making them). I think this project would be absolutely so cute for the pair to bond. Make your own DIY Nail Polishes and sell them or give them away.

4) Make Jewelry together (you can start off with something simple with jewelry. For example, make bracelets. Or necklaces. Start off with one. Start small). 

5) Make Lip Balm together (easy and I personally make these myself at home too. Making lip balms just takes a few minutes to mix solutions together and then letting it set to dry).

These can all easily make a great hobby or a side business.

List minute helpful tips:

- Watch video tutorials. Make YouTube your best friend *smile*

- Join Facebook groups that are alined with what you're wanting to do. There are a TON of Facebook groups in just about everything, every single niche on the planet.

- Take some local classes in your area. For example, when I first started to sew, I took sewing classes at Joann's then I took a private sewing class at Le Fashion Lab. Both locally here in Georgia.

- Joann's also offer crafting classes too. You can bake, make jewelry, or even if you want to learn how to sew. Very affordable. They have children classes for ages 6+.

- Doing a simple Google search for your location will sum it up for you. The possibilities are absolutely endless. So out of these quick 5 simple hobby or business ideas you can make together with your little one just simply hop online and do a search.

- Me personally, I LOVE "hands-on" help. So I would always start off by taking a local "how-to" or "crafting" class locally in my area.

Lastly, you can visit this website called Cratejoy Marketplace. There are a TON of subscription boxes you can invest in that will give you and your little one a quick "test" of the waters before you dive in. Do a search and see whatcha like!!

If you do decide to turn your hobby into a business please be sure to do all of your business building home work and research. Make sure you have all your ducks in a row and setup legitimately for your state, country, county and city. 

What type of hobby (or even a business) you're going to do, started doing, or thinking about doing with your little one? I would LOVE to know! Please comment below.



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We make fun, cute, and creative handmade stuff: soap, lip balms, lotions & more...

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  • What lovely and fun suggestions. Work and play together.

  • My son has been asking me for a Bake sale for ages! Thanks for the push to get my act together and go for it.

    Maddy Gutierrez
  • What fun suggestions for businesses or hobbies with your child! I like the baking cookies idea as well as the candle making. :-)

    Denay DeGuzman
  • That would make life so much easier. This is actually an amazing idea.

    Kita Bryant
  • wow! This is so awesome! My kid love making things, and I think he will enjoy focusing on just few things and why not, to start a little business! :)


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