Top 3 Reasons You Should Make A Vision / Dream Board with Your Mini-she / Mini-he Too

Happy New Year to you!


Gosh I still cannot believe how the year 2018 flew right by. Let alone Christmas just came and gone extremely fast like literally at a blink of an eye. LOL.


Well myself of the two Boss Babes owners at Groovy Essentials (age 11 and 8 year old) are getting ready to make our 2019 Vision (Dream) Boards and here we are headed out to their favorite store, Dollar Tree to grab our supplies.


Every year we do this. Make Dream Boards. Take a few minutes and press play to watch us LIVE video below. 👇🏼




Top 3 Reasons You Should Make A Vision / Dream Board with Your Mini-she / Mini-he Too


1) Building a Visual “future” foundation for them and with them. Allow their dreams to manifest by simply planting the seeds young!!


2) Starting them young at a decent enough age so they can always remember, rinse, & repeat. Repetition!!


3) Schools don’t teach them so who-else will? YOU. It starts with you Mama.🐻 



Some of our lovely stickers we picked out to complete our 2019 Vision Dream Boards (before school starts back next week). Set your 2019 goals and remember that “Yes you can” 🥰❤️ 

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JahZara, Jordin, & Janelle 

~The Groovy Team 🥰


PS. There will be a Part-II of our completed Dream Boards shared on our YouTube channel. Please be sure to subscribe to our channel HERE.


  • I love vision boards, but I’ve never thought about doing one with my kids. This is such a great idea for them to learn at an early age about manifestation of dreams.

  • This is a great idea, I’m going to do one with my daughter and son! They will love it!

  • Loved the vision board ideas. I am a BIG Doallr store fan so I know I could pull this off without breaking the bank !

    Leslie h
  • I never thought about including my tween but this is my encouragement. She is full of ideas and dreams.


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