[VIDEO TUTORIAL] How to Make Oreo Cookie Soap D.I.Y

Now here are the best way to make Oreo Cookies Easy DIY Soap making. It was truly fun making these Homemade cookie recipe soaps. I decided to practice with a mold while kids were outside playing with their friends. Come make Food Oreo Cookies with me.

***GIVEAWAY DETAILS: These DIY Inspired Oreo Cookie Soaps are NOT for Sale or RE-sale. There will be donated as a giveaway only. Find the officially rules to participate in this give HERE: http://bit.ly/soapy-give-away-details-sep052018

⚠️WARNING⚠️: This is NOT FOODS. This is all soap(s). Please DO NOT attempt to eat this and keep away from young children. You alone are responsible for product and recipe testing to ensure compatibility and safety. -this warning noted by Mama'Janelle. 

Go ahead and give this a try. TAG us! We'd love to see your very own Oreo Cookie soap bar creation. Use hashtag #groovyEssence

UPDATE/EDIT 10/05/2018:  giveaway has ended. It was during the month of September. Please do still enjoy this video to tutorial and tag us when you create your own DIY Oreo cookies SOAPS. 🛀 🍪 🍩 🥛 



  • Fun project. Would make nice presents. Though those look like the real thing I’d definitely keep them out of reach of kids.

  • Interesting way to make soap. The Oreo part is very interesting and fun

  • Thanks for the tutorial. This looks like so much fun to make. I love the way they turned out. These would make wonderful gifts.

  • They look just like OREO cookies! This is too cute and would be a great gift for the OREO cookie lovers in my life.

    Alli Smith

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