WELCOME Inside Groovy Essentials & Meet the Staff

Hello. Welcome inside our Groovy Essentials online shop. Here you will find all kinds of cute & fun handmade soaps, sweet flavored lip balms, and soft hand and body lotions all made with love from Jahzara, Jordin, and Janelle.

Zarie Owner of Groovy EssentialsThis business all started by an 11 year old, CEO/Founder, Jahzara formerly known as SoapySets.com. We are NOW Groovy Essentials. It's my Handmade soap business and I sell them in sets. In July 2018 I went to my mom and told mom I wanted to start my own product based business. My mom told me to go to my room, spend a few minutes coming up with a list of things that I would like to do or try, and then she said we will go over the list I came up with later on that evening after school work is done and after dinner. I went to my room and it took me 7 minutes and my list was about 38 stuff LOL. We went over it and I decided I wanted to create natural and safe handmade soaps for friends, family, teachers, and my class mates.

Since then I have been practicing non stop and my mom comes home with these small DIY handmaking kits. It’s very fun. My goal is to make natural and safe soaps for you to use for yourself or purchase them as a gift. Once you buy your soap sets you give it away as a gift to someone else by paying-it-forward and just simply put a smile on some-ones face. It surely puts a smile on my face when my mom comes home with these kits. I love them.
We donate proceeds towards L.P.A which stands for Little People of American in honor of raising awareness for little people with Dwarfism. Because I am a little person with Dwarfism and I am giving back to support the community.
Please like and follow this page. My mom and I are still in the startup/building stages. Thanks for stopping buy and happy to have you as a (future) customer. Love Zarie. 

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